Niva Legend 3 DV

This had a positive effect on the operating life of the friction linings, as the required pedal effort was reduced by 40%. Niva 4×4 is optimally adapted to the difficult winter climate. To increase the visibility of the car on the road in bad weather conditions, daytime running lights are used.

The new LADA 4×4 took many positive qualities from the predecessor VAZ 21214 and additionally acquired modern active protection options. It is equipped with reliable brake cylinders and a vacuum booster. The design of the back is distinguished by ergonomic. The SUV has an impressive ability to cover long distances regardless of the type of surface, as well as keep driving under any circumstances.

The maximum benefits are provided by the version «Suite», which shows an increased level of comfort and allows you to feel confident in a variety of any circumstances. Thus, the SUV brakes more efficiently even at high speeds and responds more quickly to driver commands. In 2006-2013, the SUV received a major technical upgrade.

The dynamic characteristics of the car have significantly increased. In general, the design of the legendary Russian SUV attracts attention to restraint, calm confidence and rationality of every detail. Wheels Niva You can buy LADA 4×4 Niva from an authorized dealer with a 1.7 l engine and an 8-valve design. It significantly improves visibility at night in all driving modes.

AvtoVAZ engineers also worked on improving passive safety, which was dictated by current road realities and EU requirements.

Niva Legend 3 DV


p>Specifications LADA 4x4 3 DV Specifications LADA 4x4 3 DV The decision to buy a new Niva is supported by its unique cross-country ability, which was appreciated by tens of thousands of Russian, European, American, Asian and even African motorists. It easily overcomes snow obstacles, and an efficient heating system maintains a comfortable microclimate in the cabin even in the most severe frosts. Overall, the new vehicles boast significantly improved driving comfort through the introduction of power steering and progressive clutch systems. The size of the luggage compartment in the modification of the Niva 3-door is 265 liters and 585 liters with the rear seats.

Among them – enhanced emergency braking function (BAS) and anti-lock brakes (ABS), which are not inferior in performance to systems installed on foreign SUVs. The 5-door model provides even more free space: 420 and 780 liters, respectively. Maximum convenience in the cold season is provided by: Cars gain 100 km / h in 17 and 19 seconds, respectively.

Lada 4x4 Niva Salon Thanks to this, the car feels confident on different types of surfaces and in all weather conditions. Lada 4×4 Niva maintains flawless handling on bumpy roads and off-road conditions. Impressive power and passability indicators are combined in LADA (VAZ) 2121 with a spacious lounge and a spacious trunk for the transport of bulk cargo, in particular, in roads.

Compared to previous models, the updated versions have an improved braking system. Controllability and cross-country ability of Lada 4 by 4 The proven engine comes with a traditional 5-speed manual transmission. At the moment, motorists have the opportunity to buy LADA 4×4 in any configuration, including with a wide range of additional options.

The car is great for operation during winter fishing and hunting, as well as for intercity and any household trips. Moreover, such «box» provides high accuracy of movement control and maximum cross-country ability on different surfaces and in any conditions, which cannot be achieved with «machine gun». While maintaining the general concept of conciseness, rationality and utility, the interior has become more user-friendly. At the moment, in all versions and trim levels LADA 4×4 Niva has reliable fastenings for the ISOFIX child seat, as well as three-point belts with sound and light indication, reminding you to fasten your seatbelt before driving.

Now the 3-door Niva confidently accelerates to 142 km / h, and the 5-door version – up to 137 km / h. All trim levels provide for the presence of a hydraulic headlight range control. This power unit has proven its economy and efficiency on the example of many years of practice, but now it has become even more reliable due to the improvements made. The appearance of the new Niva has characteristic recognizable features: direct body lines, round headlights and strict outlines of the radiator grille. This is reflected in the availability of the option of heated front seats, high-quality fabric upholstery and many other solutions designed for the convenience of the driver and passengers. This is a reliable and economical version of the device that ensures the rational use of the operating resource of the motor.

This endurance and reliability is ensured thanks to: Separately, the engineers paid attention to the comfort of the cabin.

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