Frank Brangwyn

Frank Brangwyn, like his contemporaries, Maxfield Parrish, Jose Maria Sert, Alphonse Mucha, Degas and Franz von Stuck, Brangwyn used photography as a primary aid in the execution of his elaborate allegorical murals. The Paul Cava collection of Brangwyn photographs is the largest archive of it’s kind in private hands. The archive contains over 100 prints, many of which are of nude or semi nude models, squared-up in pencil or ink for transfer onto paper or canvas. It was not uncommon for artists to disassociate themselves from their photographic practices early in the last century and Brangwyn was typical in this respect. Little was known of Brangwyn’s use of photography until the discovery of this photographic archive in the 1990s. This is the second volume of Brangwyn’s  photographs published by Paul Cava Fine Art.  Additional information and reproductions regarding Frank Brangwyn and his use of photography is presented in two informative essays contained in the publication Frank Brangwyn Photographs: Nude and Figure Studies, Volume One,  published by Paul Cava Fine Art in 2001.

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Frank Brangwyn, Nude and Figure Studies, Volume Two
Frank Brangwyn catalogue